This page is for resources, links and ideas relating to the AISNE workshop on iPads for Teachers taught at the Bancroft School on 4-28-12.

Some free apps that might be handy for the morning:
Did you know? If you press the home button and the wake sleep button at the same time it captures a picture of your iPad screen? That's handy for saving information for later or making tutorial lessons!

Session 1

This section will cover ideas from the first session on personal organization & task management as well as student tasks.

New Question / New Partner

  1. How has technology made your life easier? How has it made your life more complex?
  2. What excites you about iPad? What concerns you?
  3. What would you like to do on the iPad but you aren't sure how?
  4. What is the right balance between too much tech in the classroom and not enough?

Core Tasks

Q: How will I use the iPad in school and how will it make my life easier?
A: Big idea, basic expectation (core tasks), room to grow

A blueprint for iPad use at your school (and thus training, support and measurement).

Getting Started
  • Get to know the device
  • Care, charging and expectations
  • Apple ID
  • Password Management (Demo)

General Apps
  • App Store
  • Organization
  • Quitting apps
  • Mail
  • Husky Planner (Demo)
  • Notifications (Demo)

Classroom Tasks
  • Passing in work
  • Reading iBooks (Demo)
    • Notes / Highlights
    • See all / email
    • Search
    • Speak selection
    • Museum walk
  • Using iBooks Textbooks (Demo)
    • Highlights
    • Flashcards
    • Interactive features
  • Taking notes (Demo)
  • Flashcards

Content Creation
  • Pages (Demo)
  • Numbers
  • Keynote
  • Garageband (Demo)
  • iMovie
  • Camera
  • Flip teaching

Check and Adjust

One interesting thing I've learned so far is...

Training & Assessment

  • Teacher training
  • iPad Boot Camp
  • Pre / Post surveys
  • Genius bar / help desk

Favorite Apps

Here is a list of our favorite 60+ apps.

Session 2

This session will cover teaching strategies, resources and tools.

Warm Up

How are you doing so far? Use the free flashlight app (see top of this page) to let me know:
  • Green - good to go, not overwhelmed, ready for more!
  • Red - Ergh, too much information or not what I was looking for!
  • Any other color - I'm just expressing my individuality

Classroom Management

  • General expectations
  • Classroom layout
  • 'Preparation'
  • App policy
  • Inattention & consequences
  • Disruption & the sniff test
  • More ideas


There are many excellent eTextbooks available for iPad, you can even create your own.

Current Platforms

ClassBook is positioning itself to help teachers and schools negotiate these waters.

iBooks Author

This is a free app from the Mac App Store that allows you to create interactive eBooks.

Flip Teaching

Pass in / Pass Back

A common workflow for a typical teacher / student task:
  • Student writes a paper in Pages
  • Student is ready for feedback and emails the paper to the teacher as a pdf
  • Teacher opens the paper in Adobe Reader (free)
  • Teacher annotates the paper and emails it back
  • Student opens the pdf Adobe Reader or iBooks
  • Student uses quick app switching to go between Pages and Reader to make corrections

Teacher Gradebook

I like the app GradeBook Pro for this, it's a little expensive but works great.


A varied tool kit,
  • Personalized to learning style / difference
  • Varied instruction
  • Varied demonstration of learning
  • Encourages active classroom
  • Encourages investigation
  • Teacher as facilitator
  • Sometimes it's not the right tool for instruction

Attendee Goodness

During the presentation and sessions we collected many more ideas, links and resources. Here are a small sample of what we came up with.

Rugged iPad Cases

  • Otterbox
  • Zagfolio
  • Trident Kraken
  • Marware Big Grips

Cool apps / sites