Project I:
Common Errors in High School Writing
Create a list of common errors; provide both examples of incorrect usage and corrected text. (Jennifer Sara Dargin, Desmond Anthony Beristain, JiWoong Han)

Project 2:
Plans and Models: Modes of Discourse
Create lessons and helpful tips for each of the following rhetorical modes:
A) Position/Argumentation (Mimi Vecchione, HyunWook Kim)
B) Expository/Research/DBQ (Danya Gordin, Micheal Sanders)
C) Analysis (Dara Levitan, David Wnking)

Project 3:
Mature Writing: Tricks of the Trade
Techniques to boost written articulation (Alexandra Dru Andrews, Dorothy Jane Estes)

Project 4:
Peer/ Self Editing Worksheet (Yinuo Chen, Alyssa Goley, Addison Jane Victoria Weeks)
Create a general peer/self editing worksheet for younger Huskies to use as a resource to assess general writing and grammar skills.

This project will count as a test/project grade and will be assessed through rubrics in 3 parts.

Part 1: You creation of the Project through collaborative work on your team. 60%
Part 2: Your collaborative work in editing/contributing to the wiki holistically. 20%
Part 3: The “Panel of Experts” Assessment of your presentation on Wednesday, May 26 at 8 AM. 20%

The distinguished “Panel of Experts”:

Ms. Beth Grosart “2010 NH Literary Idol”, Mr. Matthew Altieri “NEYWC Faculty Member”, Mr. William McCulloch “ San Francisco Tribune”; Darren Redman “NHS English Department Chair”; Jennifer McMahon "NHS Academic Support Program Director