This section includes links to official Apple resources, tips, training sites and teacher exchanges. For other interesting reading see the links page.


Mac 101 - A huge resource of official Mac training, tips and demos
iTunes U - Free video, audio & lesson plans (note: this link will cause iTunes to open)
iTunes U and Mobile Learning - An Apple site on iPods in education
Apple Learning Exchange - Educator created lessons and activities. Rich with movies, images and podcasts.
Apple Curriculum Solutions - Curriculum collections for teachers
MacBook support - Support for the Apple MacBook including a users guide, how to's, and troubleshooting tips.
Find out How - Incredible video library of Mac tutorials including Mac basics, photos, movies, web, music and iWork
Apple Media Series - A training product to help you use Apple products more effectively in your classroom. This is a product we have made available for you and are hosting on our own system. This link will only work from on campus.
Apple Training & Certification - Become an Apple certified trainer