This article covers support topics for the Hanwang art tablet currently in use in the Arts Department.

Directions for use

  • Check to make sure the application 'HWTblt' is installed on your computer.
    • Note: This application is already installed on the Pubs Lab and Photo Lab Macs.
    • The Tech Office can install this on laptops as well.
    • Make sure to restart your computer if you have just had the app installed.
  • Plug the art tablet into an available USB port
  • Begin writing on the pad with one of the attached pens
    • The pens do not need charging and are not battery powered

Tips for Use

The art tablet functions in much the same was as the Interwrite SchoolPad. It is essentially a very fancy mouse for your computer. If you desire you may use the Interwrite software in conjunction with a projector.

The tablet can perform at quite a more sophisiticated level, however, when combined with PhotoShop.

HWTblt Application

This application controls the more detailed functions of the tablet. It is recommended that users keep this app on the dock close to PhotoShop or InterWrite. The application controls:
  • Pen 'hardness'
  • Toggling between displays
  • Customizing hot keys

Pen 'hardness'

Control pen hardness from the 'Normal' screen. A 'harder' pen will work much like a harder pencil: although you press harder on the pad, you will still only leave a relatively light mark. A softer pen will leave thicker marks.

Choosing Display

If you are using multiple displays or an unmirrored projector, you can tell the pad which display to write on from the 'Region' menu. Available displays will appear in purple, choose the number of the display you wish to write on.

Hot Keys

I'm not really sure how to use these, but the art tablet has several small regions on the upper left of the tablet that seem to be spots you can press the pen or slide the pen. I think you can control these keys from the 'Key Set' window, but I'm not quite sure what they do.