This page is for documentation and feedback on the new attendance tracking system.

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When to mark a student present

Please do NOT manually select "Present" if a student is Present in your class, UNLESS the student is present and his/her name was orange and the attendance column was blank when you started taking attendance.

By selecting "Present" for everyone who is present, it is going to create a LOT of work for Destiny, because she has to acknowledge every click you make. If we all dutifully take attendance and mark Present for every student, every period, then that's about 1,200 "Presents" Destiny has to open, and I don't think that's the kind of presents she really loves. :)

So mark a student Absent or Accumulated Lates, and only use "Present" if you previously marked the student Absent, or if someone prior to you today has marked the student Absent (as indicated by the orange coloring).

During the first and second periods today, you are unable to click "Submit Attendance" to indicate All Present. In order for the Submit button to work, you had to manually mark at least one student present. That issue has been resolved; sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you to those of you who were diligent and used the system during the first few periods.