With the new laptops it's important to know what is automatically backed up and what isn't.

Automatic Backup

Everything in your home folder with a few exceptions (see below) is automatically backed up in the background while you are working. For example if you store your files in these locations they are automatically backed up:
  • Desktop
  • Documents folder
  • Photos folder

Files in these folders are too large or numerous to be backed up automatically. If you are concerned about loss you should consider backing these files up yourself onto an external hard drive:
  • Downloads folder (mostly just temporary things here. Important files should be moved to the Desktop or Documents folders)
  • Music (Size is an issue, but with the recent changes to iTunes, all purchased content can be re-downloaded from the store and may actually be faster than restoring from a backup archive)
  • Movies (Size of events and projects is the issue here)
  • A few other cache and temp folders that would just add a lot of bulk to the backup archives and they don't ever need to be restored