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Google Maps


Your task is the explore Google Maps, a free tool that lets you add your own content to maps, share them with others or work with others to make a shared map.


  • Go to Google, create a free account, and log in (if you don't have a Google account already)
  • Go to Google Maps and zoom around on the map of the world
  • Click on 'My Maps'
  • Create a map of the conference center that is public and editable by all that shares interesting places to go around CMTC
  • Drop 5 pins
  • Add 3 photos
  • Draw a shape on the map
  • Explore privacy & collaboration settings


During the share out and Q&A be prepared to discuss the following questions:
  • What tasks did you accomplish?
  • How you think this tool might be useful to you as an educator?
  • How might this tool be useful to you in the classroom?

Sample Work