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Your task is the explore the popular social network Twitter that allows you to publicly post status updates and join open conversations.


  • Go to Twitter and create a free account if you haven't already
  • Search for the #CMTC10 hashtag
  • Send three tweets: @mention someone, tweet a picture, use a hashtag
  • Follow someone (try hmundahl or ericwlacroix)
  • Update your profile
  • Bonus Content: turn on device notification so you get updates from twitter sent to your phone as a text message
  • Bonus Content: download a desktop or smartphone application for twitter like TweetDeck


During the share out and Q&A be prepared to discuss the following questions:
  • What tasks did you accomplish?
  • How you think this tool might be useful to you as an educator?
  • How might this tool be useful to you in the classroom?