This article will cover how to use the InterWrite interactive white board, associated software and peripherals. Please note there are two different types of InterWrite boards on our campus:
  • Pilalas
  • All other buildings

The two boards differ slightly in how to set them up but their use and functionality are otherwise quite similar.

Connect to your board

Getting Started

These instructions are for a board in any location.

Turn on the board

Turn on the board using the on/off switch on the bottom right corner. The small light by the switch is on when the board is powered up. The pens can charge when the board is turned off, so be sure to check the light by the on/off switch.

Connect to the projector

Next you will need to connect your laptop to your projector. See this article for complete instructions on how to do this. Come back here when you see your desktop projected onto your board.

The ideal screen resolution for the boards in Pilalas is: 1280x768
The ideal screen resolution for the boards elsewhere on campus is: 1024x768

Making the connection

Next you will connect your computer to your board. Instructions for this step differs depending on which type of board you are using.

In Pilalas

  1. Is Interwrite Device Manager running? Good!
  2. No? Launch it! It's in a folder called einstruction!
  3. Plug in your InterWrite RF 'dongle' - press the button
  4. Press the button on the board. Beep? Good!
  5. No? Is the board turned on?
  6. From the Device Manager icon on the top of your screen launch 'eInstruction Device Manager'
  7. Go to Options > Discover Devices
  8. Do you see your board with a green check? Good!
  9. Click on the board then the cross hairs to calibrate. Follow the on screen instructions to calibrate your board
  10. From the Device Manager icon in the top of your screen launch 'Workspace'

Note: Russ found out this way of trouble shooting if you are having troubles after doing the above:
  • Un plug the dongle
  • Quit Device Manager
  • Re launch Device Manager
  • Plug in the dongle
  • Start over with connecting and calibrating the board

In other buildings

Device manager

You will only have to do this step the first time you use the board. From the 'applications' folder on your hard drive choose 'Interwrite Learning' and open the 'Interwrite Workspace' folder. Launch the application titled 'IW Device Manager.'

InterWrite workspace

Next launch the application titled 'IW' - consider adding this application to your dock so you can find it again easily. This is the application you will launch each time you use the InterWrite board.


Bluetooth is a short range wireless signal that we will use to let the board talk to your computer. From your System Preferences make sure that 'Bluetooth' is turned on . If you need help turning on Bluetooth see this article in the System Preferences section.

'Finding' the board

The next step is to get your computer and the smart board working together.IW_icon.png
  • From the menu bar on the left side of your screen click this button button.png and choose 'Device Manager'
  • The Device Manager will launch and look like this:
  • To find your board click the green button that looks like a plus
  • Choose 'Scan for Devices'
  • Once your board appears in the list choose 'Connect' (if you see multiple boards and aren't sure which is yours see this list)
  • The board will beep once the connection is made

After the first time

After you set up the InterWrite board for the first time you should follow the steps above for connecting to your projector, turning on the board and Bluetooth. After you launch InterWrite your laptop will remember the board and automatically connect.

Always calibrate the board prior to use.

Calibrating the board

Almost done! Now we need to calibrate the pen and screen.
  • Click your board in the Device Manager (if you are connected to it there will be a green check mark on this board)
  • Click the blue 'cross hairs' icon
  • Follow the on screen instructions to calibrate your board:
    • A blue screen appears with target on it
    • Go to the board and pick up one of the pens
    • Press the pen to the target until you hear a beep and the white box moves
    • Continue clicking the targets until the screen is calibrated

Well done - you should be up and running with the InterWrite board.

Basic Functions

InterWrite tools

The InterWrite board has two basic modes:
  • 'Mouse Mode' in which the smart board functions like a large screen for your computer. To learn more about this function see the Other software section below.
  • 'InterWrite mode' allows you to write and draw on the board like a white board and save what you do to a file
  • You can also switch back and forth between modes to show things on the screen and annotate them using the InterWrite tools

We will cover the InterWrite tools here and then proceed to using other software.

Tool bar

Access the InterWrite tools from the tool bar which appears on the left of your screen when you launch InterWrite.IW_toolbar.pngThis
Click and drag here to move the tool bar

Minimize the tool bar and expand it again
File menu (create new files, preferences, help, device manager)
Enter mouse mode (your pen functions like a mouse, tap or double tap the board to click)

Select tool, click and drag to select objects in InterWrite mode, resize them or delete them
Pen tool - write on the board
Highlighter tool

Eraser tool - delete parts of the board
Shape tool - create a variety of shapes in different sizes
Line tool - draw dotted, solid or arrow lines

Text tool - write text on the board using your keyboard or the on screen keyboard
Undo the previous action
Delete a portion all or a portion of the screen

New blank board
New board with grid lines
Insert clip art (extensive library in various disciplines) or one of your own pictures

Capture the board to a file
Previous captured page
Next captured page
See all captured pages

Toolbox (access all tools in menu bar and others including curtain, onscreen keyboard and calibrate)

Interwrite PRS (not sure what this is)
Quite InterWrite

Inserting pictures to a board

You can insert pictures supplied by Interwrite by clicking on the 'Insert clip art' tool (see the toolbar above). To insert an image from your computer onto a board choose 'Insert' from the Interwrite drop down menu: button.png. Find the picture on your computer you would like to insert and choose 'Open.'

Other software

You can also use the board for any other software on your screen. Access this mode by clicking the mouse icon in the toolbar. In 'Mouse mode'
  • Your pen is your mouse
  • Click by tapping the board once
  • Double click by tapping the board twice or press the button on the mouse closest to the tip
  • Right click by pressing the button on the mouse closest to the blunt end
  • Click and drag by pressing the board and moving the pen along the board without releasing it
  • To the mouse without clicking hover the pen above the board so it's barely touching it

Advanced Functions

Using Layers

You can set up multiple layers on the same page, for example to demonstrate the steps of a math problem or the parts of an outline.

To set up layers follow these steps:
  • From the InterWrite workspace create a new page by clicking a blank page (or selecting one of the writing tools)
  • Click the 'Expand Layers Tool' button on this tool:
  • From this expanded view you have a few options:
  • Click the green plus button to create a new layer
  • Select a layer by clicking on its name
  • Delete a layer by clicking on the orange minus button
  • Edit a layer by clicking on the layer name then writing on the workspace
  • Activate a layer by clicking in the green box to the right of a layer
  • Move layers up and down by selecting their name and moving them with the up and down arrows

Convert Writing to Text

You can now convert your writing to text by using the 'Freehand Text' tool. To use this tool follow these steps:
  • From the InterWrite Workspace click on the 'Toolbox' icon above the 'Exit' button
  • Choose the 'Freehand Text' Tool
  • Write the workspace
  • After a pause your writing will be converted to text

At the moment this doesn't seem to work for mathematical formulas.

Multi User Mode

On InterWrite boards in Pilalas you can have two students writing on the board at once. To do this follow these steps:
  • From any workspace click the very small multi user button in the bottom right cornermulti_user_button.png
  • Click 'Multi User Page Setup'
  • Drag the image of your board from the top box to the middle box and click 'Okay'
  • Now both pens will work on the board at once!

To turn off multi-user mode follow these steps:
  • From your computer (this won't work from the board!)
  • Click on the multi-user mode button in the bottom right
  • Choose 'Turn Multi User Off'

Help, I'm having issues!

Here are some troubleshooting tips that might help:
  • Completely quit out of the InterWrite software.
  • Delete the following folders (just the last one in each path):
    • Macintosh HD > Users > username > Library > Application Support > eInstruction > Device Manager
    • Macintosh HD > Users > username > Library > Preferences > InterWrite

Restart the computer and log back in. You will need to open the Device Manager and reconnect to the board.

In Lion, the user's Library folder is hidden in the GUI so in order to access it you can hold down the option key on the keyboard while in the Finder and click on the GO menu from the toolbar. That should give you the option for "Library" which will take you to the folder you need.



Click to download the quick start guide.

Here is a presentation on some features of the Interwrite board from a training in fall of 2009 from the product vendor.

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