Welcome to your new MacBook Air! Resources on these pages are here to help you get the most out of your new laptop. Don't see something you are looking for? Let Hans know!

Choose one of the topics from the list below. To come back to this page just click the MacBook Air Button: macbook_air_TOC.png
  • Cool New Features - Launchpad, Mission Control & full screen apps
  • Mobile Mouse - Control your laptop from your iPad
  • Backup - What is backed up automatically... and what isn't
  • Touchpad Gestures - How to get the most out of your new track pad (and how to adjust it if needed)
  • Screen Recording - Our new laptops have some great tools built right in for flip teaching!
  • iCloud - Wirelessly sync events, files, and contacts between your iPad and your laptop
  • DVD Copying - Copy disks (or parts of disks) to your computer
  • Interwrite Troubleshooting - If you are experiencing trouble with your new laptop and your Interwrite Board