From time to time we work on projects that don't fit very well into one of the other departments.

Pages of general interest:
Social Media Reading List - Maybe one of the most popular pages on the wiki, a good overview of social media for school leadership.
iPods for Teachers - An early reflective page for thinking about how iPods might be useful for teachers (not students).
Philosophy - Early efforts in developing a mission statement for technology integration.
Arts & Athletics Live Streaming - Technical notes & brainstorm on how to broadcast from the gym, theater and turf field.
Academic Links - A list of useful links that may be useful to all departments

Conference / specific pages:
CMTC10 - In 2010 Eric and Hans presented at a conference about social media.
TABS Resources - Resources regarding social media, technology and residential life created for The Association of Boarding Schools
The Hyde Schools - Resources posted for the August 2011 visit from administrators from the Hyde Schools
TABS3D - Resources posted for a September 2011 webinar on New Hampton School's iPad program
Fire Your Students - Resources for TABS 2011
iPad Open House - Resources for our 3/22 iPad Open House.
AISNE - Resources for the AISNE iPad workshop
ISANNE - Resources for the ISANNE iPad workshop
Hampton Roads Academy - Resources for the 5/31 professional development day
WMA - Resources for the 6/6 professional development day
Derryfield - Resources for the 6/14-6/15 professional development days