Class Groups are web pages for each of your course sections. Class Groups are viewable by teachers, students, the parents of students and the tutor of students. This page is for class groups specifically, general information on the Employee Portal is found on that page.

Note that a all teachers must use Class Groups according to the mandate below, but much more is possible with this tool.

The Basics

There are many reasons why a class web page is a good idea. These benefits balanced against the ease of use and positive impact for our students and their parents hopefully will outweigh the additional work this will entail.

Some reasons class web pages in general are useful:
  • Communication tool with students to check assignments
  • Provide links, resources and reference materials in one location
  • Allow different types of learners to engage in dialog with others
  • Parent engagement and communication
  • Tutor / Dorm Parent communication
  • Our system is similar to course management software students will see in college
Using a system built into our web site also has several distinct advantages:
  • Don't need to create a new user name and password
  • Content is safe and not published to the external world
  • No advertisements or unwanted content


The Academic Office has stated that Class Groups will be used in the following way:
  • First Term 2009-2010 - Completely optional use of Class Groups
  • Second Term 2009-2010 - All teachers will use Class Groups for major assignments and syllabus
  • First Term 2010-2011 - All teachers will use Class Groups for major assignments, syllabus and weekly assignments (updated by Monday morning)
  • 2011-2012 Academic Year - Same as last year

Class Groups 101 (video)

Tutorial video on: adding syllabus, entering assignments and updating roster:

Logging in and finding your groups

You will have one class group for each course section that you teach. To find your groups follow these steps:
  • Go to the myNHS page of the web site
  • Log in using your NHS credentials
  • Click on the 'My Groups' link in the left side barMy_Groups_1.png
  • Don't see any groups? The academic year probably hasn't started yet, choose '10 - 11 All Year' from the drop down menu:
  • Each of your groups will appear listed by course title. Click the course title to see the group for that coursegroups_view.png


  • At any time you can move about between your groups using one of three methods:
  • Click the 'My Groups' link from the left sidebar
  • Click the 'My Groups' link from the top of the page
  • Selecting another of your groups from the drop down menu at the top of the page

Your Course Page


Your course page is organized into different types of content. Initially you will see the following content types on your course page:
  • Course info
  • Syllabus (initially your syllabus is 'collapsed,' click the small '+' to expand it)
  • Roster
  • Downloads
  • Assignments
  • Message board
  • Announcements
  • Links
Please see Advanced Topics below for information on adding and rearranging your content.

Adding content your page

You can edit the content on your page and also change the way it looks to personalize it. As a general rule choose the 'edit' link to change or add to the content on your page, choose the 'options' link to change the way your page looks. After making any changes please be sure to choose 'Save and Exit' from the top right!


To add your syllabus to your class group please follow these steps.
  • Click the '+' button to expand the content area
  • Click 'edit syllabus'
  • Choose 'add new'
  • Enter a description such as 'Syllabus'
  • Copy and paste your syllabus using the 'Paste from Word' button
  • Add an attachment if desired
  • Use the Publish to Additional Locations to post the same syllabus to multiple courses
  • Set a publish date of today
  • Save & Exit


Follow these steps to add an assignment to your course:
  • Click the 'add new' link
  • Choose the number of assignments you will be adding and the course or courses you are giving the assignment to then choose 'next'
  • Enter assignment information, assigned date(s) & due date(s)
  • Optionally add a link or download to the assignment
  • Choose 'save & exit'

Message Board

The message board is a useful place for posting discussion topics and asking your students to respond, for example you could begin a class discussion and then continue it for homework on the group.
  • To start a new discussion click the 'Start new topic' link on your message board.
  • Students will join a discussion by clicking the 'read more / edit' button


Let's post our office hours to our class page! Here's how:
  • Click the 'edit announcements' link
  • Select 'add new'Announcements_1.png
  • Enter a headline such as "Office Hours"announcements_2.png
  • Write your office hours in the 'Description' box
  • Publish the announcement to other courses if you desire
  • Set publish date(s) and save and exit

Downloads & Links

If you are interested in adding files or links to Web pages to your class page these two content categories will be helpful for you!


For students and parents to be able to view your class page you need to add them to your course roster. Here are the steps:

Click 'edit roster' on your class page

On the next screen click 'add member'

Then search for the student you want to add (note you can filter by class year)

Select blue arrow next to the student to move them to your roster

Click 'Save and Exit'

Confirm that your selection is correct and the student is now in your roster.

Personalizing your page

Choosing the 'Options' link on any content area will let you personalize how the content displays including:
  • How many items to display
  • Content area color
  • Content area title
  • Whether or not the content area is 'expanded' or 'collapsed' at first viewing

Add content to multiple courses

Class Groups allows you to publish the same content to multiple courses using the 'Publish to Additional Location' option. Choose additional courses (shift+click to select multiple courses at once), set publish dates for each course and save & exit.

This video explains how to add the same download to two courses that you teach:

Add content from a previous year

Content that you have on your class group from last year is not lost and some, all, or none of it can be brought over to your class page for this year.
  • Access the Class Group for the current academic year
  • Find a type of content that you would like to bring over from the previous year, for example 'Links'
  • Click the 'Edit Links' link and from the next screen choose 'Add Existing'
  • From the top of the next screen find and select the content you wish to add
  • From the bottom of the screen select the course or courses you wish to give the content to, note that if you teach the same course again this year it will already be checked
  • Choose a publish date for the content you selected and click 'Save & Exit'

This short video will walk you through the process:

How other people can view your page


Students access their groups in exactly the same way as teachers do except for the following exceptions:
  • They can only see classes for which they are in the roster
  • They cannot add or edit any kinds of content except for discussions


Parents access the groups for their children by logging into the school web site and clicking on 'My child's Groups.' They also cannot add any types of content.

Other Teachers

Teachers can access the class groups of their peers. This is to allow:
  • Dorm parents to help students see their home work
  • Advisors to keep an eye on their advisees
  • Tutors to work with their tutees
  • Department Heads to help teachers get the most from Class Groups

To see the class groups of your peers follow these steps:
  • Log in to the web site
  • Click 'My Groups' on the left column (note: so far this is exactly how you would access your own groups)
  • Select the 'Browse Groups' tab
  • Choose 'Academics' from the 'Group Type' drop down menu
  • Choose a department or filter the groups by Course Title
  • Click on the course title to see a group

Note: Currently you can't search groups by teacher name, only course title

Assignment Drop Box

You can now have students pass in work through Class Groups. This section will cover:
  • How to set up an assignment to allow students to pass in work
  • What the assignment looks like from the student point of view
  • How to see who has passed in work and how to download it for grading

Set up an assignment

When you set up an assignment you will now see the option to 'submit assignment using the assignment drop box'

When you click this box you have the following options:
  • How many files to allow students to upload (between 0-5)
  • The time that the work will be considered 'late.' Work can still be passed in late, but it is marked for you in red


What it looks like

When a student logs into their Class Group they will see the option to 'Submit' a file for this homework assignment:

When a student clicks 'submit' they can upload a file and enter a text comment. If you enter the number of files to upload as '0' students can only enter a text comment.
Once a student click's 'submit' they may not re-submit the assignment.

How to view & download work that has been passed in

To see who has passed in an assignment click 'Edit Assignments' from the assignment section of your class page.
From this screen you can see your current active assignments, if students have passed in work that will appear in the 'submitted' column.
Click on the link in the submitted column (3/10 in this example) to see who has passed in an assignment.
From this screen you can click the 'Download' button to download all the passed in assignments at once. Or you can click on an individual 'View (1)' link to see the attachments of an individual student. From the 'View' section you can also allow a student to resubmit an assignment.


You can have your class group automatically send an email or text message to your students when you:
  • Add an assignment
  • Change an assignment
  • Add an announcement

You don't have to send the notification, you get to decide - and students decide where they receive the notification.

Sign Up to Get Notifications

Before you can send a notification to your students they have to opt in to receive them. You can show them how to do this - it's pretty easy! Here's what they need to do:
  • Log in to the web site
  • Click the 'My Notifications' link in the left sidebar
  • Confirm their email address is correct
  • Enter a cell phone number and carrier (if desired)
  • Choose which notifications they wish to receive

Assignment Notification

It's easy to send a notification when you are creating or modifying an assignment. Once students are set up to receive your notifications just click 'Send Notification' when you are creating an assignment.
When an assignment notification is sent depends on the date and time you set for the assignment.

Notifications are always sent at the assigned date and time. If that time has already passed the notification will be sent immediately.

Advanced topics

If you would like to do more with your group check out these options below:

Changing the section identifier

Each of your courses has a default section number. For example if you teach three sections of Spanish I they will be listed as:
  • Spanish I - 1
  • Spanish I - 2
  • Spanish I - 3
But this isn't particularly useful since we often keep track of our courses by the block they are taught. To change the section identifier please email Hans.

Adding a course thumbnail image

Would you like to add a cool thumbnail image to your page that appears both on your Class Group as well as next to the course title in the 'My Groups' page?


  • From the top right corner of your class page click the 'Upload Thumbnail' link
  • Select a picture from your computer and click 'Save & Exit'

Adding additional content types

If you would like to add video, audio or other content that isn't on the default class page follow these steps:
  • From the group page that you would like to modify click the 'Customize' link from the top right of the page
  • From the 'Add content' drop down menu choose the type of content you would like to add and click 'Add content'
  • A new section has now been added to your page, click 'Save and Exit' to return to your page
  • To change where this new content (and any other content) appears on your group see the next section

Re-arranging the layout of your page

  • From the group page that you would like to modify click the 'Customize' link from the top right of the page (same as above)
  • In the 'Arrange Content' section click and drag each type of content to a new location
  • You may also change the layout of the page from the 'Page Layout' section below
  • Click 'Save & Exit' when done