This is a table of contents page for all articles on this wiki related to the management and content upkeep of the school's Web site, social media channels and other related projects. Visit this page for resources about Class Groups for teachers or this page on the Employee Portal.

Table of Contents

Content Editor Resources
Style Guide - These publishing guidelines are important for all web editors to follow.
How To - This lengthy article explains how to manage many of the custom pages on our site.
Photo Sizes - This article explains the dimensions of photos published on the site.
New Media Gallery - Publishing guidelines and instructions for our new Media Gallery
WhippleHill & Portal - Information for Admission regarding 'pushpage' like feature for prospective families
Mobile Podium - Best practices for the mobile version of our web site
Event Categories - Who owns & updates event categories on the school calendar.
onCampus Athletic Groups - Guidelines for athletic coaches
Chip Riegel - Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Winter 2010, Fall 2010, 2010-2011
Jake Lee '09 - Student 'Mobile Me' Gallery. Permission granted for use with attribution.

Story Workshop - This page contains stories for the home page blogs, and for news articles.
Web Site Feedback - This page contains long term feedback for us to consider implementing.
Alumni Flash Piece - Page to manage the summer 2009 alumni flash project
State of the School Address - Logistics and details of planned October live web address
Go Beyond - This page is for the capital campaign pages
Pilalas Movie - This page is for the photo / voice over movie for the new Math / Science Center

Social Media

Annual Maintenance
End of Year - Procedures for managing employees who are not returning and promoting students
Start of Year - Procedures for setting up new year, adding new employees, new students, setting up new Academic Groups
Data Import of Events - To populate the daily schedule event category for example

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