This page is for collecting resources related to the 1/3/12 technology professional development trainings.

The hashtag for this training is #NHSProfDev.

Below you will find resources related to each of the sessions. If you can't make it to one of the sessions we hope you will find these resources helpful.

Here is the agenda for the day:

Opening Session

Instructional strategies with iPads

iPad pages on this wiki.

19 iPad classroom management tips.

Notes & Notebook Check on iPad

Common Teacher Tasks on iPad

iPad core tasks list on this wiki.
How to setup Attendance on your iPad:

Class Groups Tricks & Tips

Class Groups resources on this wiki.

Collaborative Teaching Techniques

Jigsaw Teaching Activity

Demographic Transition Jigsaw

Expert Groups
Read the following material. You are responsible to become experts regarding the stage of the demographic transition.
Questions you should be able answer (and teach to the other expert groups)
• What is the birth rate, death rate, and total population of your stage?
• From the readings, determine the reasons the birth and death rate are at their current levels.
• Give examples of countries or societies that are currently in the stage that you are studying.
• Suggest which type of survivorship curve would best describe your demographic stage.
• Suggest which type of population pyramid would best describe your demographic stage.


Video in the Classroom

Scene planning worksheet:
Storyboard worksheet:
Video assessment rubric:

iMovie resources on this wiki.

Flip Teaching

Configure Filemaker Go app for Taking Attendance on the iPad